Monday, January 24, 2011

Creppy Scope

Do you know someone with a creepy looking scope?

In case you are unable to identify scope creep, I am including a crude mug shot of what to watch for. Primarily, changes to your calendar; however, that is not to say more work with no change to the calendar is not also scope creep - it is!

Actually, lets start by saying that once the objectives and requirements have been identified and agreed to by all relevant parties - any changes to the requirements is scope creep. 

There is nothing worse than a project with creepy looking scope.

Avoiding the coyote ugly scope creep -
Ever agree to something only to want to cut off your arm the next day? Well that’s scope creep coyote ugly! Your job is not to agree to scope creep without consulting the <in booming voice> "Triple Constraint Matrix" <echo echo echo>.

The whosey whatsit?
The Triple constraint matrix contains 3 variables (Time, Scope, Cost) and is your guide to scope creep. No need to worry its incredibly easy to follow - the triangle shows that you cannot change one element without adjusting another. So if you have to make a change just use the formula below"

"With an change in __________, I will maintain ________ and adjust _________!"

So the next time your clients says "We need the deliverable sooner at the same price.", you can respond with:

"With an change in TIME, I will maintain COST and adjust SCOPE!"

With this statement, we can deliver on time, at the price specified, but certain items may not make the cut - in this phase. If the client is adamant that that nothing else change, you'll find that the project just got more difficult to complete on schedule and within budget. If you accept the challenge the client presents, beware that issues in the project will more than likely appear.

Hope this helps and not hinders, Enjoy!

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